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To Darken Grey Hair

My chief recipe for this is sage tea, that sage tea which I have advised you to use as a gargle if you suffer from a sore throat. To make it put a good handful of garden sage, either dry or fresh, into a jug and cover with half a pint of boiling water. Add a teaspoonful of borax and allow to get cold. To use, damp a brush or sponge in the "tea" and apply lightly to the hair. This is not merely a harmless application, it is an excellent hair tonic in itself and will do good in every way. You may prepare and use in the same way a tea made of bramble flowers or leaves, or of elder flowers. This elderflower wash is particularly to be recommended if there is any soreness or irritation of the scalp, but as matter of fact, all these recipes are excellent.

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Source: Mrs Lavender. "Mrs. Lavender's Herbal Book", Mellifont Press (1930)

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  • Hair :Both whole herbs and essential oils can be used to promote hair and scalp health.
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