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Cayenne * Horseradish * Stinging Nettle * Eucalyptus * Peppermint* Juniper *

The cold that lingers may not be just a cold. The congestion and headache may be signs of a sinus infection. Overuse of decongestant nasal sprays, smoking, and swimming or diving can also increase your risk of getting sinusitis. Sinus infections can be either acute or chronic. An acute sinus infection follows on the heels of a cold or a bout of hay fever. Chronic sinus infections persist for three months or longer.

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One of the best kitchen remedies for congested sinuses is horseradish. It contains therapeutic sulfur-containing compounds that kill germs while it opens up the sinuses. Stinging nettle contains natural antihistamines and anti-inflammatories (including quercetin), that open up constricted bronchial and nasal passages to clear nose & sinus type allergies symptoms. Cayenne powder is another effective kitchen remedy for clogges sinuses. Just snort a tiny amount and blow congestion away.

Herbal remedies for sinus congestion include drinking teas, using baths and foot baths and steam inhalations.

Aromatherapy is therapeutic for sinus headaches because of the duel actions of the anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties of the oils and the relaxing, calming effect they have on the mind. Some good oils to use in a steam inhalation would be anise, eucalyptus, peppermint and juniper.


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