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Sinusitis yarrow tea foot bath
For sinusitis, use a foot bath of two cups of yarrow tea with a few drops of essential oil of eucalyptus. 250.0
Yarrow *
Recipe Instructions: Bath :Brew the yarrow tea strong, add the essential oil when the water temp is cool enough to put your feet in

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Allergies :The causes and cures for allergies vary widely, as do the herbs that will work best for each individual.
  • Colds : Be prepared for the cold and flu season by stocking your herbal medicine chest with a ready supply of herbs.
  • Congestion :Congestion in the airways, lungs, sinus and chest makes breathing difficult and being sick even more miserable
  • Foot Care :Aromatherapy foot powders and sprays to keep your feet sweet smelling and eliminate odor-causing bacteria.
  • Sinus :The cold that lingers may not be just a cold. The congestion and headache may be signs of a sinus infection.
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