Insect And Flea Bites Natural Remedies

No need to run to the drugstore, these natural remedies are as close as your back yard and kitchen cupboard. Flea bites are a sore trial for both your companion animal and their humans as well. Even the best efforts to prevent and treat flea and insect infestations can't get them all.

Aloe vera gel is takes the sting out of bites and hydrates the skin, and will not harm animals if they lick it off, though the longer it can stay on the better it works. Skin washes of green or black tea, or used tea bags make on the handiest remedies for flea bites and rashes, almost everyone has some in their home. If you don't have witch hazel on hand in the medicine cabinet, you should pick some up for the summer months, it is an almost universal remedy for any kind of itching, inflamed skin, no matter what kind of bug bite you have.

Your flower and herb garden is a good place to find insect and flea bite remedies. Basil is a great bite remedy, use either a few drops of essential oil, or crush fresh basil leaves and rub them on bites. Fresh calendula flowers can be used the same way, just rubbed on the affected part for an admirable remedy for the pain and swelling of the sting of wasp or bee. Comfrey tea can be used as a skin wash or compress to accelerate tissue healing in cases of insect bites. A tincture of echinacea can be applied to a bite or sting to numb the pain. It also helps disinfect the site of the attack. (Grieve, Maud) Lavender is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. A tea made from the fresh or dried lavender flowers can be applied as a skin wash to relieve itching due to flea bites and rashes, or the essential oil can be used. Plantain is most likely growing wild in your back yard or along the driveway - the fresh leaves make a great ointment for all types of skin rashes.

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