Libido Herbs Help Women And Men

Chronic stress, adrenal fatigue, a poorly functioning cardiovascular system, and depression all act to decrease your sex drive. The use of use of adaptogenic herbs in Traditional Chinese medicine illustrates a more holistic approach than Western therapy. Both Panax ginseng and Fo-Ti have powerful reputations in the treatment of longevity, impotence, and fertility.

A healthy sex drive depends on hormones like testosterone and estrogen being freely available and in the correct balance. Several studies have shown that stinging nettles can keep your testosterone circulating freely and keep you feeling sexually vital. Abnormally low levels of testosterone will have a marked effect on a man's mental outlook and sex drive, depressing both their mood and libido. The right amount of testosterone is important for women too, along with estrogen. Low levels of estrogen can cause vaginal dryness and thinning of the vagina walls, making sex uncomfortable instead of pleasurable. Remember that herbs in of themselves do not contain human hormones, but act as tonics that encourage the body to produce normal levels.

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